Looking for a Girlfriend

IMG 7912 580x435 Looking for a Girlfriend

Spotted while wandering the crowded-yet-lonely streets of Manhattan,
this honest, xeroxed plea for love comes with its very own website.

East Village artist Dan Perino has posted thousands
of these flyers in an attempt to find a girlfriend -
and so far, he’s gone on dozens of dates.

In a city where you can have anything delivered to your door,
Perino’s folly proves that it still pays to go outside in search of adventure.

Just remember to bring along some masking tape.

The Ideal Solo Travel Destination For Women

Solo female travel is an amazing experience. You will meet great people, experience many new things, and find yourself learn so much about yourself on the way. As a solo female traveler, discovering a balance between exciting locations and off-beat activities is often the best mix for truly memorable adventures. If you're a first-time solo female traveler, you'll want to read these tips to help plan your next solo female travel adventure.

When considering the best solo female travel destinations, there are lots of great options. The Colombian women prefer Caribbean as a great place to visit alone or with friends. If you enjoy water sports, snorkeling, or swimming, there are plenty of great beaches and resorts that cater to singles like you. There are also plenty of daytime activities to keep busy during your time in the sun. Make sure that you check out the Best Western Seven Mile Beach and the Sandals Resort Hurricane Harbor in St. Thomas.

Best Places to Travel Solo Female

Japan is among the top destinations for solo trips for women. It is also very safe, coming eleventh in the Global Peace Index Council's 2021. If you plan to go alone, there are many reasons for taking a solo trip to Japan. The country is a great place to learn and has a long standing history of it's military presence. There are also many cultural activities that you can partake in while in Japan. Solo trips for women in Japan tend to be longer than most solo travel experiences. Most female travellers expect to stay longer, perhaps two weeks. Most travellers are on two-week trips and as well as sightseeing they like to experience the night life, which is much more vibrant in Japan than in other countries. As with any female solo travellers' experience, there are some things to keep in mind while travelling. This article discusses some of the best solo travel tips for female travellers.

One of the most popular solo trips for Swedish women is to Hokkaido. Hokkaido is a beautiful island in northern Japan that is home to several spectacular mountain ranges. One of the great things about travelling to Hokkaido is that it is a place where you don't need a partner to carpool or take public transportation. There are three main railway stations and a rail ferry service, making it easy to get around. There are many sights to see, such as the river ranch and Mount Fuji, as well as the Sea of Japan and the Ogasawara Islands. There are many other tourist spots in Hokkaido that female solo travelers will want to visit. Another popular destination is the Shiretoko region. The region is located near the Chichiju Peninsula. Many of the hiking trails, called ryokan, can be enjoyed alone and are wonderful for new hikers. Other trails, such as the Tamakawa route, are great for experienced hikers who want a challenging trek. The Chichiju Peninsula has beautiful scenery, perfect for bird watching, and other activities that are perfect for solo female traveling.

Hawaii has long been known as one of the best solo female travel destinations, especially for Dominican women. Plenty of water fun, tropical scenery, and stunning hotels are top reasons that Hawaii is a favorite among solo female travelers. The most popular beach to visit is Maui, which has plenty to do including surfing lessons, lounging by the pool, or going snorkeling or scuba diving. There are plenty of other beaches, including ones in Oregon, Washington, Northern California, and British Columbia, that female travelers love as well.

Europe is another of the top destinations for solo trip travelers. Many European cities are known for their architecture and tourist attractions, making them wonderful places to visit alone or with friends. Rome, London, and Paris are popular choices for solo tourists, especially those who love art and history. Cities like Florence in Italy, Treviso in Italy, and Barcelona in Spain are popular daytime activities for Europeans, as are Galway in Ireland, Munich in Germany, and Budapest in Hungary.

Finland is another of the top destinations for solo female travel in Europe. Finland is well-known for its outdoor activities, particularly its beautiful open countryside. Finland is home to plenty of nature parks, lakes, and rivers to explore. It's also home to the world-famous Aland Islands, where hiking, canoeing, skiing, and snowboarding can be enjoyed year-round. A great destination for solo female travelers in Finland is the Capital City of Helsinki, which is one of the most historic cities in the world.

Ecuador is another great place for solo female travelers, because it offers lots of opportunities to explore nature. Ecuador is a country of rainforest wildlife and natural beauty, so it's not a bad idea for a solo female traveler to plan her travels around the rainy season, from November through March. The best time to see the wildlife in Ecuador is during the afternoon, when the air temperature is warm enough to allow wildlife to hunt for food on the forest floor. Ecuador's national parks and reserves offer many other outdoor activities, including snorkeling, rafting, hiking, Jeep tours, and horseback riding.

Costa Rica is another favorite choice for solo travelers. This Central American country is home to a diverse landscape, with plenty of options for both adventure and relaxation. From soaring highlands to lush jungles, Costa Rica's landscape has plenty of opportunities to meet others and experience new friends. The capital city of San Jose, for example, is packed with trendy bars and restaurants, friendly locals, and plenty of activities and sightseeing options.

Morocco is another great place to visit, as solo female travelers. It's home to a diverse landscape, with cities rich in history and culture, as well as plenty of modern sites to explore. For travelers interested in exploring history and culture, Morocco is an excellent choice. There are plenty of museums and other historical places to visit in this country, as well as an incredible array of modern-day cities and towns. When in Morocco, make sure to meet up with fellow solo female travelers, as these friendly communities are perfect places to meet others interested in the same things as you!

Why Solo Travel Destination Are Popular Among Women

There are also many cultural tours that female solo tourists can participate in. There are many cultural events, such as folk festivals, that occur throughout the year. These festivals are a great way to experience Japanese culture, as well as meet other female travellers. Participating in a festival can be a wonderful networking opportunity. Solo women travellers will be able to experience the beauty of this ancient culture and may even meet future life partners.

Some women prefer to travel alone, but there are always going to be times when a group is much more comfortable. One of the best solo trips for women to travel alone can be found in Scotland. The highlands are beautiful, and there is a lot to do. You can experience the history of the Highlands and how it was formed, as well as visiting the castles. Being part of a group that is exploring the castles can be a very rewarding experience.

There are many different types of solo travel destinations that female solo travelers can explore. A lot of these destinations are based on the types of things that the women like to do, such as hiking, dancing, or even white water rafting. There are many different types of adventures that you can embark on when you choose to go on solo adventures. These adventures can range from city touring, mountain climbing, or even white water rafting!

If you are a woman that enjoys being alone and likes to explore the great outdoors, solo trips for women are a great way to get out of the city and see the world. There are many different types of destinations available when you are traveling alone, and there are even some exciting holiday deals available for solo travelers. Look online to find these deals and many more to save money when you are planning your next vacation!

Final Thoughts

There are many better places to travel solo as a solo female traveler. Some of these places include but are not limited to: Alaska, Costa Rica, Kenya, Italy, New Zealand, Palma, Panama, Peru, South America, Timor-Leste, Thailand and the Philippines. These places offer the best solo female vacations that women can enjoy in any part of the world. In other words, anywhere in the world that a woman may want to travel alone as a solo female traveler.

In some instances, it is best to take along a male partner when visiting these locations. This is especially true if you have never been on a solo trip before. Although it will be a solo trip for both you and your traveling partner, it can be much more exciting as a couple. When you travel as a couple with your husband or boyfriend, you both get to experience everything together. You are also able to share experiences and adventures together that you wouldn't normally share with your family and friends. A female solo traveler can never get this kind of experience from traveling alone.

When going on solo female trips, it is important to keep all of your necessities ready such as a camera, snack and water. Your meals should consist of lean meats, whole grains and moderate amounts of vegetables and fruits. Snacks should be light and easy to prepare or make at home. Water is essential as you will need to carry water with you at all times. It is recommended to have a water bottle with you as well. These are some of the basics that a solo female traveler needs to keep ready when traveling alone.

A solo female traveler can choose to pack only clothing that consists of necessary items. Women that are traveling to areas such as Palma in Spain, which is considered one of the most romantic places to travel, pack just the minimum to avoid adding too much weight to their bags. Women that are traveling to more remote areas such as those in the Amazon in Brazil will need to pack even more clothing depending on the climate and the area they will be visiting. However, these types of locations are less popular so the amount of clothing can be minimal compared to the popular tourist spots.


Right This Way, Ladies

DSC04100 580x292 Right This Way, Ladies

During General Joseph Hooker’s five-year stint an officer in the Union Army, his attendance at raucous parties in and out of the barracks earned him a reputation as, shall we say, a “prostitute enthusiast.” By the 1860s, the term “hooker” had already been in use to describe women of ill repute who plied their trade around the dockyards of Corlear’s Hook in New York City, but it was General Hooker who really took it, um, all the way.

And all these years later, a side door at the Massachusetts State House named after ol’ “Fighting Joe” still makes us titter.


Photo taken in Boston, Massachusetts


Penis Penis, Burning Bright

photo 28 435x580 Penis Penis, Burning Bright

All references to  poet William Blake aside, seriously -
check out this bright pink penis lamp with three Xs on the, um, shaft.

Spotted in an Amsterdam rental apartment,
this home accessory might at first seem a pale take
on the city’s famous Red Light District.

photo 291 745x1024 421x580 Penis Penis, Burning Bright
But no: apparently, it’s a nod to the city’s steel parking bollards,
called Amsterdammertjes (in English, “little ones from Amsterdam”).
The three Xs on the side are Saint Andrew’s crosses
from the coat of arms of Amsterdam.

Safe to say that both of these items, each proudly erect in their own way…
could stop traffic.


 Photos taken in the delightful city of Amsterdam by Jamie Pearson,
brave/foolhardy traveling parent and writer for Travel Savvy Mom


Hefty, Hefty, Hefty

1613893 10152354550569727 3465711446988588869 n 326x580 Hefty, Hefty, Hefty

In the spirit of the great MC Hammer,
this nattily-attired gentleman is sending a clear message:

“Stop. It’s travel time.”


Spotted in Nashville International Airport (BNA) by Kathy Johnson Eberle of Second Wind Coastal Living

(h/t: Mike Richard)


I Love Ahorring

1012883 10102716842767212 63835712 n 435x580 I Love Ahorring

In Spanish, ahorrar means “to save,”
so this supermarket sign seems to be saying “I love saving money.”

Or, well…that’s what it seems to be saying.


Photo taken at the Eroski Supermarket on Calle Alcantara in Madrid, Spain
by the fun-loving (and ladylike) Lori Zaino of Life and Style Madrid


A Good Slap

DSC05719 385x580 A Good Slap

Slap means “waterfall” in Croatian,
and just goes to show that, yes:

Most of us could use a good slap now and again.


Photo taken at Croatia's (stunning) Plitvice Lakes National Park


Crappy Scotch, Please

tipitinas new orleans 576x580 Crappy Scotch, Please

At last:

A bar that calls it like it is.


Photo taken at Tipitina’s, a nightclub in New Orleans, Louisiana


The Desert Column(s)

greek mansion in the arizona desert canyon ranch 580x385 The Desert Column(s)

Not to be confused with
the World War I British army corps
that stormed through Israel,
this subtle Grecian mansion is merely trying to blend in…

…to the Arizona desert.


Photo taken near Canyon Ranch in Tucson, Arizona


Jesus is Coming

IMG 5740 Jesus is Coming

No, I swear…he is.

He’s just caught in a little traffic.


Photo taken at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
in New Orleans, Louisiana


Cabbages and Condoms, Of Course

Cabbages and Condoms Cabbages and Condoms, Of Course

This condom-themed restaurant in Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand
bears the slogan:

“Our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.”

Its proceeds benefit the area’s
Population and Community Development Association.

The ironic acronym for said association?



Photo taken in Wiang Pa Pao, Thailand,
a rural town between Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai,

by the astute and well-traveled Eric Rosen


There are other Cabbages & Condoms restaurants
in Bangkok, Thailand and Oxfordshire, England