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Everybody Taichung Tonight: Yours truly at a summer night market in Taiwan's 3rd largest city

Well hi there, travelers.

My name is Melanie Wynne, and I’m a fan of travel, writing, photography and poking fun at things that are obviously hilarious, head-scratching, cringe-inducing¬†or in some cases, merely ironic.

Some folks feel that traveling the world should be undertaken only with the utmost seriousness, but I feel this misses two salient points:

Travel introduces you to life, and life is often funny.

So by all means:

Keep traveling, meet people, learn new things — and be sure to leave room for snort-laughing.


Oh, and please send me your photos:

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or if you’d prefer, you may remain anonymous.

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Photo above by the inimitable Kelsy Chauvin