For When You’re Feeling Handy

IMG 4062 For When Youre Feeling Handy

Hey, don’t look at me like that.
This is simply a place for people who are good with tools.


Photo of Dykes Lumber and Building taken in Manhattan, New York City


Palapa Arcade

 Palapa Arcade

In the small, dusty  mountain town of San Javier in Baja, Mexico,
famous for its 18th-century mission,
there stands a video arcade shaded by a palm-frond palapa.

The games are The King of Fighters and…your guess is as good as mine.


Magical Mystery Tour

 Magical Mystery Tour

In the central coastal town of Cambria, California, resident Michael O’Malley gives 90-minute tours of Nitt Witt Ridge, otherwise known as California Historical Landmark No. 939. The longtime project of now-deceased local character Art Beale (aka Captain Nit Wit), this questionable tourist attraction serves as a funky monument to trash collection…and quite possibly, OCD.

This sign could be hung anywhere on the sprawling, refuse-strewn hillside in front of the ramshackle home, but really?

A discarded pair of toilets seems like just as good a place as any.


The Spirit of the Catskills

 The Spirit of the Catskills

Taken in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York,
an area heavily populated by Orthodox Jews


Shadow on the House of the Mutilated

3573390597 f366ab5580 z 580x580 Shadow on the House of the Mutilated

Homes for disabled veterans in Italy, known as Casas del Mutilato,
were built all over the country during World War I.

A bizarre form of national tourist attraction,
the name “Casa del Mutilato” cheerily translates to “House of the Mutilated.”

Add the creepy shadow of a pruned sycamore tree
and you’ve got yourself a scene straight out of a silent horror film.

Have a great time on your Italian vacation!


Photo taken in Trapani, Sicily by Christine Cantera of Miss Expatria


The Little Old Jail Next Door

IMG 3809 580x309 The Little Old Jail Next Door

As of 1872, there went the neighborhood.


Photo taken in Clearfield, Pennsylvania by my brother, Michael Wynne


From Hell

 From Hell

On Grand Cayman in the western Caribbean’s Cayman Islands, there’s a place called Hell.

It’s a swampy snag-fest of spiky, black shards of limestone
that were once feared to trap hapless, wayward seacraft and swallow people whole.

Naturally, it has a post office.


Let’s Go Down to the Buffalo Grill

DSC034735 Lets Go Down to the Buffalo Grill

I’m not sure what I love more about this France-based chain restaurant.

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Lean Into It

DSC045282 Lean Into It

The most famous tourist photograph of all time?

Seeming to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa, trying to set it straight.

The resulting photo? Cute.

Watching this photo get taken? Funny.


Taken in Pisa, Italy


The Official Billboard of Snark

skybillboardaklnz2007 The Official Billboard of Snark


This advert for SKY Satellite TV once covered a train overpass in Auckland, New Zealand –┬áleading me to believe that Kiwi marketing executives have a wonderful sense of humor.


Photo by Rebecca Several of Travels at 88mph