The Easiest Ride in Town

1175689 10100386266271294 1068561317 n The Easiest Ride in Town

Behold, the official T-shirt for
the Seattle Lake Union Trolley…or the S.L.U.T.

In other news, today’s caption pretty much wrote itself.


Photo taken in Seattle, Washington
by (and with) the demure Kate Kohler


Under My Umbrella (Ella, Ella)

 Under My Umbrella (Ella, Ella)

This Roc-a-Fella wants you to know that you can stand under his umbrella,
any old time.


Photo taken at Taipei’s Shilin Night Market 

Hat tip to pop star Rihanna and her (inexplicably popular) song, Umbrella


Wanna Be(ar) Startin’ Somethin’

 Wanna Be(ar) Startin Somethin

Not all bears are the same.

Some enjoy pretending that they’re extras in a Michael Jackson video.


Photo taken in Bangkok, Thailand’s Chatuchak Market
by the irrepressible Peter West Carey of The Carey Adventures


Bad Hair Day of Mammoth Proportions

novelty visor with flames and hair mammoth village california Bad Hair Day of Mammoth Proportions

Not all ski-wear is designed to flatter…
or is even exactly designed, for that matter.

Sometimes it just keeps the sun off your head,
Or makes people laugh when they see you, instead.


Photo taken in The Village at Mammoth
in the Eastern Sierra ski resort town of Mammoth, California


Christmas in February

santaonBeach Christmas in February

Proof that the Christmas spirit keeps no calendar…
and apparently, feels no change in temperature.


Photo taken on O’ahu’s Waikiki Beach,
February 8, 2013


When Worlds Collide, Vol. 2

photo11 e1333913558435 433x580 When Worlds Collide, Vol. 2

Welcome to McStarbucks!

Here’s your wee espresso, lad — and a good day to ye.


Taken in New York City by keen-eyed Jennifer Miner,
co-writer of The Vacation Gals.


(An Excess of) Truth in Advertising

fatty shop1 580x383 (An Excess of) Truth in Advertising


Thanks for bringing the gift of self-esteem on the wings of angels, Fatty Shop.


Photo taken in Chiang Mai, Thailand
by the delightful James Clark of Nomadic Notes


Split Beaver, Quebecois-Style

beaver tail cap quebec city winter fair Split Beaver, Quebecois Style


While standing outside on a cold and snowy Quebec City morning, waiting eagerly for the Quebec Winter Carnival’s Day Parade to begin, I was enchanted by this snugly-dressed gentleman in a locally-sourced beaver pelt cap.

(Wait…what did you think I meant?)


The Modern-Day Pioneer

 The Modern Day Pioneer

In the days of yore, explorers hit the trails of a then-new American nation outfitted with little beside a pioneering spirit and a coonskin cap.

In the days of, well, now, rugged adventurers may feel free to add a nylon backpack and a big-ass DSLR.

But a couple of centuries on, it’s still the coonskin cap that says “pioneering spirit” to me.


Photo taken at South Street Seaport, New York City