DSC005451 Gelatipulpo

Listen, I don’t know why this shiny cartoon octopus is disgruntled,
or how he became the spokes-creature for apple ice cream pops
oozing with raspberry slime.

I just know he’s proof that all around the world,
marketers are convinced that ten-year-old boys
will eat anything…as long as it’s vile.


Photo taken on the streets of Valparaiso, Chile



7157333403 c559c116b9 z Pringoooals

Spotted in Rome, this can of tasty potato-esque snacks
urges power to Gli Azzurri, Italy’s national soccer team.

You ask me, Julius Pringles has never looked more
proudly Italian in his cartoon life.


McAloo Tikki-tastic

576842 10200446797386314 972356021 n McAloo Tikki tastic

Indian immigrants make up 30% of the population
of the United Arab Emirates,
making this newspaper ad in Abu Dhabi seem a bit less random.

That said, please note the phrase,
“…nestled between light and dainty buns…”



Photo by Adam Waldman, enthusiast of both snark and graphic design


Cooking With Poo

cooking with poo Cooking With Poo

In Thai, the word “poo” means crab.

It’s actually pronounced bhoo, but is always spelled with a “p”…
…and I, for one, would have it no other way.


Cooking With Poo
was photographed in the Bangkok Airport
by my fellow snarkist,
James T. Clark of Nomadic Notes


Hooked on Delicious

DSC07615 Hooked on Delicious

The changing face of fish sticks,
brought to you by McDonald’s — and Hawaii.


Photo taken in the beach city of Waikiki, on the island of O’ahu


Truth in Advertising, Vol. 2

photo Truth in Advertising, Vol. 2

At a chicken place in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam,
the window display is meant to indicate that yes…they sell chicken.


Photo taken by the always-hungry Jodi Etttenberg,
writer of the travel blog Legal Nomads
and author of The Food Traveler’s Handbook


Politically Incorrect Candy

 Politically Incorrect Candy

Oh, Mexico…
…if only you had some context for how racist stereotyping might feel.


Japones are peanut candies flavored with chili;
photo taken in Loreto, Baja, Mexico


Sorbet Figa

sorbet figa christine cantera Sorbet Figa

figa (FEE-gah), noun: Italian slang for vagina,
meant to describe an attractive woman


Photo taken in Girona, Spain by Christine Cantera of Miss Expatria


Drive-Thru Tapas

RondaSpain ShellyLachish TheTravelAffair Drive Thru Tapas

In Ronda, one of the fabled White Towns in the Andalucia region of southern Spain, this ranchero simply sidled his horse up to the bar, ordered a beer and some tapas, ate his fill and handed the dirties back down to the waitress –-all without dismounting.

Makes you kinda wonder what else he does in the saddle.


Photo taken by Shelly Lachish,
eloquent writer/wildlife ecologist/explorer behind The Travel Affair


Chocolate Tony

 Chocolate Tony

Dear Mexico:

Thanks for taking Frosted Flakes to the next level…

…and adding rainbow-colored marshmallows to the mix.


Taken in line at the breakfast buffet at
the Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto