Welcome to the Hotel Rarotonga

 Welcome to the Hotel Rarotonga

You can’t check into the Rarotonga Sheraton to begin with, so there’s no need to worry about ever leaving.

This property — and that definition remains debatable — was originally intended as the Cook Islands’ first 5-star resort. However, enter a naïve and wide-eyed prime minister who repeatedly indebted his South Pacific nation to investors and contractors in the Italian Mafia, and it’s safe to say this here project didn’t go too well.

Since 1993, The Little Resort That Couldn’t has lain abandoned and moldering beside the south entrance to Rarotonga’s Cross-Island Trek, evoking post-apocalyptic visions of The World Without Us.

The good news: There are now several resorts to choose from on Rarotonga, many of them with windows, doors…and a lack of free-range vermin.