Jesus is Coming

IMG 5740 Jesus is Coming

No, I swear…he is.

He’s just caught in a little traffic.


Photo taken at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport
in New Orleans, Louisiana


  1. I have to take some photos for you here. Like the Little Baby Jesus Ice Cream. Or my favorite, The All Knowing Virgin Bakery. (It is, appallingly, not a very good bakery.)

    • Melanie says:

      I think if someone refers to themselves as an all-knowing virgin, they should know how to bake. In fact, they should really know how to do EVERYTHING.

      If you spy any non-sign-based travel humor, too, I’m always in need of shots of people, places, landscapes, vehicles and souvenirs. Let your mind run wild…as it always does. ;)

  2. Abbie says:

    When we lived in California, our landlord was named Jesus. I don’t think that ever stopped being amusing :)

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