Plastico Fantastico

 Plastico Fantastico

I love Miami’s vibrant art scene. Each December, the city hosts Art Basel, one of the world’s greatest art fairs, but year-round it’s home to a metric slew of exciting galleries.

This here random tableaux was once featured in the window of the ArtCenter/South Florida on Lincoln Road. In a few short action figures, I feel it captures the humor, splashy colors, creativity, Latin-focused culture, slightly menacing attitude and high-toned tackiness of Miami itself.

Well, except for the madly grinning cyclops guy. I don’t know what the hell’s going on there.


  1. Jennifer says:

    I like the many-eyed thing, whatever it is.

  2. Rease says:

    I loved Miami Art Basel! I was thoroughly amused by shops and sights in the city outside the festival as well. I love that rainbow trex thing!

  3. Marsha Lenox says:

    And what about the guy in the blue suit? That case he’s carrying looks pretty fishy but his the hat and shades are way snazzy.

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