She’s a Ping Pong Wizard

DSC06136 Shes a Ping Pong Wizard

When I stumbled across this intense poster on the door of a table tennis supply store in Zagreb, Croatia, I initially felt that I’d missed my athletic calling. For a largely sedentary writer whose kickball-captain days are far behind her, I wondered if moving to Central Europe and repeatedly hitting a tiny plastic ball with a small, rubber-matted paddle could well have been my ticket to fame and glory.

But in truth, this is a sport that involves more physicality and skill than my snark might allow. In lieu of zig-zagging toward my own stardom, I’ll simply say this to ping pong hotshot Sandra Paovic, who was wounded in a traffic accident in 2009, underwent years of physical therapy, and is now getting back into the game:

“You can do it!”

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