Farts Dempere

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In Norwegian, this sign (*chortle*) means “bumpy road.” (*hahahahahaha*)


Photo taken near Aalesund, More Og Romsdal, Norway
by Sheila Beal of Go Visit Hawaii


Everything New is Old Again

 Everything New is Old Again

A helpful directory for those who’ve ever wondered
what they might find in Europe.


Photo taken in the Holborn borough of London, England
by Christine Cantera of Miss Expatria


It’s All About the Aloha

 Its All About the Aloha

Proof that the state of Hawaii will emblazon its eight-island image
on just about anything.


Photo taken in the town of Paia, on the island of Maui, Hawaii


The Secret Source of Canadian Joy

 The Secret Source of Canadian Joy


Photo taken (while laughing) in a Whole Foods in Vancouver, British Columbia


Ode to Mei Dick

Chinatown Downstairs Barber Shop1 435x580 Ode to Mei Dick

Alas, this barbershop at 37 Mott Street in New York City’s Chinatown closed its doors forever in early 2012,
but we’ll always have this sign to remember the good (apparently-$6-a-haircut) times.


Taken by my beloved aunt, Elise Fischer, a devoted New Yorker


Behold, a Tree of Lights

 Behold, a Tree of Lights

On a certain corner in London, England,
it’s best to look left, right, up, down and all around
before going much of anywhere.


Photo by Andy Higgs of Grown-Up Travel Guide


From Hell

 From Hell

On Grand Cayman in the western Caribbean’s Cayman Islands, there’s a place called Hell.

It’s a swampy snag-fest of spiky, black shards of limestone
that were once feared to trap hapless, wayward seacraft and swallow people whole.

Naturally, it has a post office.


When Worlds Collide, Vol. 3

 When Worlds Collide, Vol. 3

There are approximately 9,100 7-Elevens in North America, serving a population of approximately 600 million people.

Conversely, over 5,000 7-Elevens pepper (and overly salt) Taiwan, a country with approximately 24 million people.

On this small Asian island, the convenience chain provides hand-crafted cappuccinos, seaweed-flavored potato chips, and huge vats of hardboiled eggs swimming in soy sauce and tea.

Conversely, U.S. 7-Elevens provide Slurpees, scratch-off lottery tickets and sweaty hot dogs.

Thank heaven, indeed.


Photo taken in Jiufen, Taiwan


Let’s Go Down to the Buffalo Grill

DSC034735 Lets Go Down to the Buffalo Grill

I’m not sure what I love more about this France-based chain restaurant.

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I Wonder If They Have Good “Food”?

DSC050743 I Wonder If They Have Good Food?

This photo was inspired by The “Blog” of “Unnecessary” Quotation Marks.


Taken in Piazza Navona, Rome, Italy