A Real Man-Eater

 A Real Man Eater

This subtle statue depicts the enormous and sometimes murderously rampaging Kumbhakarna, a Balinese Hindu rakshasa, or man-eating spirit. Renowned in Bali as a mighty warrior, he’s incongruously memorialized as a tower of terror amidst the Kebun Raya Botanical Garden, a tranquil showcase for the floral bounty of Indonesia.

A Southeast Asian cross between Rip Van Winkle and Gulliver, the giant Kumbhakarna was accidentally enchanted into a deep sleep for six long months, only to be harshly awakened and ordered to go all medieval on a batallion of violent monkey soldiers.

And really, it was only after this military melee that he started eating people. Chances are, you wake up to that sort of zero-to-sixty adrenaline rush, and you’d find yourself pretty darn hangry, too.