The Easiest Ride in Town

1175689 10100386266271294 1068561317 n The Easiest Ride in Town

Behold, the official T-shirt for
the Seattle Lake Union Trolley…or the S.L.U.T.

In other news, today’s caption pretty much wrote itself.


Photo taken in Seattle, Washington
by (and with) the demure Kate Kohler


And Godspeed

DSC 0153 And Godspeed

Just the vote of confidence you’re looking for as a driver in a foreign country.


Photo taken in Tel Aviv, Israel by the ever-observant Jill Robinson 


A Bus By Any Other Name

1003062 10151771268909522 1017495787 n A Bus By Any Other Name

Sarasota County, Florida might want to rethink
the name for its public bus system.

Just sayin.’


Photo taken in Sarasota by Shawn Anderson,
native Floridian and accomplished photographer of hilarity


Makeshift Moving Van

1754 10151685559191465 2037988768 n 580x435 Makeshift Moving Van

Where some just see a bike, others see an opportunity.


Photo taken in Shanghai, China by the astute Joel Ward,
scribe of the travel blog, Freedonia Post


The Dog Days of Summer, Vol. 1

leo the driving pomeranian coronado california The Dog Days of Summer, Vol. 1

Just another July afternoon for Leo the Driving Pomeranian,
tooling around in his shiny sports car
…with his very own California driver’s license.


Photo taken on Orange Avenue in downtown Coronado, California
by my fun-loving pal, Rhonda Rush


Handy Man

DSC09402 Handy Man

In the Philippines, custom-built jeepneys
utilize scrap parts from Japanese autos
and serve as the country’s most popular
form of public transportation.

Each jeepney has a little something special to say about its driver,
like, um…this one.


Photo taken just outside the town of Sagada in the Philippines’ Mountain Province


Rebel Sans a Cause

james dean plumber montpellier france Rebel Sans a CauseWhy is this painting of James Dean emblazoned on a construction van,
you might ask?

Well, because it’s a construction van in France –
that’s why.


Photo taken in Montpellier by my dear Christine Cantera,
scribe of the travel-addiction-enabling Miss Expatria