Happy New Year

 Happy New Year

With some holidays behind us and some yet to come,
this snoozing figure seems to have a lesson for us:

If you’re going to drink…be sure to have a chair and table nearby.


Photo taken at St. Hallett Wines in South Australia’s Barossa Valley


Treasure Chest

 Treasure Chest

At the romanticĀ Marandi Restaurant in Aruba,
a true chest of treasure stands guard by the entrance,
keeping track of all who came before.

(I can only assume that all who came before left pretty drunk.)


My Dog is Famous

 My Dog is Famous

All the proof you need that Japanese people love Pembroke Welsh Corgis.


My dog, Toby, at the Joullian Vineyards Tasting Room
in Carmel Valley Village, California


Sake Commando

 Sake Commando

According to this Japanese mural, one of the keys to making fine sake is
the removal of your pants.


Displayed outside of the SakeOne distillery in Forest Grove, Oregon


We Shall Sell (No) Wine

 We Shall Sell (No) Wine

Taiwanese 7-Eleven: Bringing the pride of France to the heart of Asia.


Why Have Just One?

283781 4249021546611 670613677 n 580x433 Why Have Just One?

Polygamy Porter, created by Utah’s first beer brewery,
is a fine pairing of Mormon doctrine and bottled booze.


Photo taken by Spud Hilton,
travel editor of The San Francisco Chronicle
and blogger forĀ Bad Latitude


Our Lady of Sangria

photo12 Our Lady of Sangria

Look closely and you’ll see an offering of wine made to the Virgin Mary.

Or in this case, a delicious glass of house-made sangria.


Taken at Versailles Cuban Food in Encino, California
Photo by the irrepressible Kim Tracy Prince of House of Prince


Two, Two, Two Drinks in One

 Two, Two, Two Drinks in One

Behold, the Beer-Rita.

A 12 oz. margarita topped off with a full bottle of Corona, this uniquely American invention captures the true spirit of this great country.

Right before said spirit topples right off the bar and falls soundly asleep.


Photo taken at the Rib and Chop House in downtown Cody, Wyoming


The House of Drunk Experiencing

house of drunk experiencing xiaoshing winery nantou county taiwan The House of Drunk Experiencing

At the Puli Brewery Factory, a distillery of xiaoshing (jhow-shing) rice liquor — and a popular bus-tour attraction — in central Taiwan’s Nantou County, you won’t need to sample the wares to discover what it feels like to be utterly blotto.

Climb into this delightful chamber, stumble your way along the slanted floor, and goggle at the optical-illusion wallpaper that’s been clawed by those who’ve already experienced the drunk…and found it wanting.

A visit here might just inspire you to give up booze. Or at the very least, the combination of booze and walking.




Kings of Convenience

 Kings of Convenience


Behold, a drive-through liquor store in Port Lincoln, on South Australia’s Eyre Peninsula.

This fishing-industry town is home to the largest percentage of Australia’s billionaires…who quite clearly have no time to waste.